Friday, March 22, 2013

Going Door-to-Door to Hand Out Fliers for Website

This might sound like a crazy notion to some of you, but I passed out fliers door-to-door for a website I was building and it worked! The website was Marketplace Deliveries and it was perfect for this type of marketing. The website offered a delivery service that was only available in a limited area, so there was no better way of getting to every customer then going from door-to-door.


  • I knew exactly how many impressions I was going to get
  • Easy to measure the conversion from that to new registrations (there was no other form of advertising that 


  • Time consuming to pass out fliers
  • Fliers needed to be designed
  • Wait time for fliers to print (unless you're printing on your own)


  • 2 hours to pass out 130 fliers (single neighborhood)
  • $20 for cost of fliers
  • 14 people registered
  • 3 people ordered from site
Cost per customer = $6.66, 40 minutes of time

Always try to think outside the box (and outside your house) when selling your products. Other things you can do is hang fliers in common areas, hand them out at a store, put them on street signs, or even on car windshields (although most people will hate you for doing the windshields). Anything to get people to see your product!